Chart of Server Features

When you use FrontPage, you have to have a web server of some kind. You'll probably end up with two servers: your local computer running the MSPWS, and an ISP or corporate heavy-duty server. Here's the lowdown:

On what type of server will your pages end up? Microsoft Personal Web Server Disk-Based (local) Web ISP without FrontPage Extensions ISP with Front Page Extensions Corporate Server (e.g., Microsoft NT Internet Information Server or Netscape Commerce Server)
Nickname/Abbreviation: MSPWS C:\ ISP w/o FP2KSERK ISP w/ FP2KSERK IIS
Summary: A server that runs on Windows 95/98. The best choice for testing locally when creating pages in FrontPage; not terrible for an intranet, but probably not suitable for Internet serving, since you'd have to leave your computer connected all the time No server at all: just reading the web from disk; may be sufficient for simple files, and you may be able to share them across a network A remote server that doesn't support all of FrontPage's features; there are many different servers, such as NCSA and Apache; all are good -- and even better, you don't have to worry about it, since it's administered by a professional A remote server that does support all of FrontPage's features; makes many things easier If your corporation or small-business is well-connected and has the bucks, then you can run the show yourself
Location reference name that you use in FrontPage when editing your web localhost
(your computer name)
(your IP number)
pathname, like C:\ You won't be able to edit the remote site directly, so you'll have to have a local copy (on MSPWS or Disk). When you publish you'll use an ftp: URL If you're editing live, you'll use an http: URL, otherwise use MSPWS then publish If you're editing live, you'll use a http: URL consisting of your server's name; otherwise, use MSPWS then publish
Actual directory where webs are stored: C:\Webshare\Wwwwroot\ (any) (varies) ~/public_html or ~/web or ~/www are all typical Depends on server, but C:\Webshare\Wwwroot or C:\InetPub\WWWroot are typical 
Platform: 95 or 98 Any Any (typically Unix) Any (typically Unix) NT or Unix
Server Price (your cost): None (included with OS) None None None High
Monthly Cost: None extra None $20 - $50 and up $20 - $50 and up Depends on ISP and Phone Company
Connection Speed: Limited to your connection to Internet Zero -- no one can connect but you (or people on your network if you share the folder) Depends on ISP, typically T1 or T3 Depends on ISP, typically T1 or T3 Depends on corporate connection (typically ISDN, Frame Relay, or T1)
Edit web on local computer? Yes Yes No Yes Usually Not
Must you publish to a different server? You don't have to, but you can If you want anyone on the Web to be able to read it, yes; otherwise, no Yes If editing live: No

If testing locally, then publishing: Yes

If editing live: No

If testing locally, then publishing: Yes

Good for testing and while under construction? Yes No No No No
Local editing speed: Decent Great n/a n/a n/a
Local memory requirements: Big (16 min, 32 better) None n/a n/a n/a
What you lose: Speed of access for viewers coming to your page; sole possession of your computer All Bots (including Indexing, etc.) Most Advanced Bots (Search, Discussion, Forms), easy publishing Nothing Nothing

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Last Modified: January 22, 2000
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